Callon Dietz owns a photogrammetric eBEE+ RTK UAS to collect survey grade data in a safe and cost effect manner. With the eBEE we can create photogrammetric DTM’s in open areas accurate to a few centimeters and prepare orthorectified photogrammetric models.

Callon Dietz’s works closely with Transport Canada to plan and execute all the UAS’s flights in accordance with issued Special Flight Operation Certificate and we hold a blanket SFOC for the province of Ontario allowing us to serve our clients at a moment’s notice without having to wait the typical 20 business days for approval. Callon Dietz’s eBEE + RTK UAS coupled with our expert team of UAS surveyors are serve clients in many sectors: Engineering/Topographic (DTMs, DEMs), Construction, Quantity/Volume Surveys, Forestry, Agriculture and many more ...

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