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Callon Dietz prepares a significant proportion of the subdivisions and condominiums in Middlesex County. We also work in the neighbouring counties and as far as Niagara and Simcoe counties. We have extensive experience in subdivision design and registration, and have registered many types of condominiums including:

- Standard Condominiums
- Highrise
- Townhouse
- Detached
- Commercial

- Mixed use
- Conversion of rental units, both townhouse and highrise
- Vacant Land Condominiums
- Leasehold Condominiums

Defining ownership limits is quite complex in most condominium projects. Well-crafted plans accurately establish the boundary between individual ownership and common, or shared, elements. These include common elements that are used exclusively by an individual unit owner such as driveways, patios and courtyards. Any required easements are also defined. In phased developments, additional easements need to be defined to assure that all unit owners and utility companies have access to the facilities and services in the project.

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