Current technology plays a key role in our day-to-day operations. Field crews are fully equipped with electronic total station theodolites, GPS receivers, lidar Scanners and electronic bar locators, allowing us to handle any project on short notice.


The Barrel Yards project by Auburn Developments Inc. is the new urban community in the downtown core of Waterloo.

This site hosts a variety of condominiums developments including residential townhomes and highrise living and commercial sites. This new urban community will provide unparalleled amenities to the residents and the entire area. This project combines the city’s rich history and the new modern neighbourhood.

When completed, the project will include a parking garage with approximately 1,200 spaces and ten multi-storey towers. The project will be divided into 11 separate condominium corporations. Callon Dietz was retained to deal with the complexity of the condominium registrations on this site.

The Meadowlands of Sunningdale by Corlon Properties is a residential development in the north end of the City of London, boasting great view of the city skyline and luxury living. This site has a wide range of single family lots include ravine lots and proximity to schools, parks and other amenities. Corlon Properties utilized Callon Dietz’s services for the preparation and registration of the plans of subdivision. This development compromises a series of 8 plans containing a total of 512 lots.


Callon Dietz has been utilized by a number of property management companies and Condominium Corporations to provide surveying services to aid in the amalgamation of multiple condominium corporations into one large one. Callon Dietz has helped guide our clients through this process from draft plan to final condominium plan. We have completed 8 amalgamations comprising 403 units.


Adelaide, Bornish, Bluewater, Jericho, Goshen & East Durham.
Next Era Energy Resources was provided a wide range of survey services for the development and construction of 288 turbines throughout the Ontario 6 Pack. Callon Dietz provided micrositing, site plan development, topographic surveys, legal surveys, staking, construction layout services, GIS data collection and processing, ALTA surveys for the development and construction of turbines, access road, substations, collection lines and transmission lines.

WIND FARMS - (Ontario 6 Pack)

URS Canada utilized Callon Dietz’s service to perform a bathometric survey of the bottom of Lake Ontario along the Amherst Island Ferry bubbler line for MTO. Callon Dietz used existing data to calculate the alignment of the bubbler line, then using a GPS/Sonar combination mapped the bottom of Lake Ontario for the entire length of the existing line (4.5km).


Stantec Consulting for MTO contracted Callon Dietz to perform a pre-engineering survey along Highway 401 between Tilbury and London for a total distance of 80km. Callon Dietz provided Stantec and MTO with base plans, DTM, alignments, project control, ETRs and H&Vs.


The purpose of this survey is to provide cross sections for monitoring settlement of the Chippawa Canal. Over the course of a 12 month period many high intensity 3D scans were completed along with digital leveling and total station measurements to mini prisms set on the canal ceiling to help determine if the structure was settling. Each of the scans was processed and cross sections created then compared to previous scans to detect any movement in the structure. A Faro Focus 3D lidar scanner was used to obtain the measurements on the structure. The Focus is a high speed scanner that collects more than 700,000 points/sec and is equipped with a 70mp camera that has the ability to add colour to the point cloud as it collects data.


Working with URS Canada for MTO, Callon Dietz was hired to provide engineering surveys for 30 structures within the 401/403/410 interchange. We provided project control, profiles, all drainage information and digital terrain models (DTM) all while working very closely with traffic control in order to safely close lanes within one of the busiest interchanges in the country.


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