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Callon Dietz owns a mobile mapping system utilizing 2 sub-centimetre LiDAR scanners, a 5 centimetre LiDAR scanner, a 360⁰ spherical camera, an inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and a GPS receiver to collect survey quality data.

Control chevrons are established that are visible to the LiDAR sensors that allows us to align the LiDAR data to the project control network. Audit lines are measured to verify the integrity of the LiDAR data. This methodology results in accuracy levels that exceed MTO specifications for horizontal and vertical position.

Features are extracted from the georeferenced LiDAR data in a number of software packages moving the data extraction from the field to the office. The combination of point cloud images and digital photographs allow for positive identification of features required for extraction.

The mobile mapping system helps to minimize time spent on the road surface increasing worker safety. The scan data and digital imagery is also useful for asset management. Feature condition can often be determined from the digital data eliminating a field visit.

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