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SUE investigations relate utility records, field investigations and professional judgment to create a comprehensive utility drawing, in order to reduce overall project risk. Callon Dietz works with the project owner, consultant, developer or property owner to establish a scope of work that is required for your specific project. We work with the latest technologies in the industry to complete our investigations efficiently and thoroughly. Our investigations are completed in accordance with CI/ASCE 38-02 standards, providing you a drawing and report summarizing the results of the investigation, which are reviewed and sealed by a professional engineer. With our experienced staff we have the in-house staff and strategic partners in order to provide:

  • ASCE 38-02 compliant SUE Investigations

  • Utility Mapping Investigations

  • CCTV investigation and sewer mapping

  • LiDAR Scanning Sewer Chambers

  • Test Holes using hydro-vac excavation

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